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Add Gooeypillows to clan?

Yes, we played and I support this application.
No, we played and I do not support this application.
No, for other reasons.

Joined: 23rd Sep 2016
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23rd Sep 2016

I just filled out application 'Wolverines'. Here is my submission for your consideration:
1609 - WN8 last 1k battles

Have 4 nearly 5 t10 tanks. ... ypillows/1011086315/

I have earned XO in several clans and have participated successfully in top 50 clans and have calling exp (but I am not looking to be a caller or leadership in the clan).  I am looking for a great clan that is top 50 that wants active friendly CW/SH participants that helps out with clan activities.

I am on about 5-6 days a week.  I hope that I add to this impressive clan.

Clan recommended to me by _Mitochondria_.

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